Commissions have included landscapes, city vistas and favourite locations, treasured equines, and even a personalised lorry cab. Contact Charlotte to discuss any ideas you have for your unique and personal piece of art.

"We commissioned Charlotte to create paintings of our beloved flat in London, which we had to leave when we returned to the US.  She not only captured the building; she captured the atmosphere, the history — she captured what we loved." P & B Klaas

Onslow Square, Night   2018

Coffee Pot

The owner of a loved family pony commissioned Charlotte to capture him. The photograph shows him sketched out before background and detail were added.

"The result was astounding. There was my pony upon the page of her sketchbook. A wonderful tribute to a noble equine" Sarah Newland-Pratt, 2004

Rocky and Beauty   2005

Onslow Square, Day  2018

"Lady Barbara"  2015

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